About Us

We, the WHITE STAR LINE, are a collection of dedicated professionals with a single goal: to bring the Indian shoe industry up to English aesthetic benchmarks!

Under the direction and supervision of its pioneers, White Star Line's administration team has been working diligently and with a passionate desire to increase its significant influence around the world.

We thrive on delivering top-notch service in a stylish manner, which is something that the new-age clientele craves. We are conscious of your fashion sensitivities and strive to satisfy them with our apparel, which combines the ideals of both elegance and performance.

Aesthetics, in our opinion, should be authentic and spontaneous. And great workmanship is about a profusion of minor things that are difficult to see separately but stand out with one another.
All of our shoes are manufactured entirely from scratch by some of the most accomplished and enthusiastic artisans in the industry. Crafting exquisite shoes is an inspiration for us, not merely merchandise we sell to make a livelihood. Every aspect is scrutinized with each shoe we create. Every creative contour is carefully considered, and every industrial procedure is completed to the highest of standards.

We make every effort to maintain excellent craftsmanship. We take pleasure in the exceptional workmanship of our articles, which are precisely produced with a great mix of ease and elegance. This is why we don't only have a huge and elegant range of shoes, but also a diversity of other accessories.


The series is a fixture in the hearts of people who respect style and integrity, thanks to its functional designs full grain Italian and Argentinian leathers, and subtle elegance. Fine workmanship, thoroughness, and an eye for the elegance and refinement of leather go into every White Star Line product. With a focus on clean structures and fine workmanship, each item has its own inspiration and is matched by a palette of brilliant colors. Find the ideal shoe for you and style it your way.

Each piece is created to mastery with full-grain leather, blending seamless grace with the pure utility of architecture. Our goods are available in a range of colors and patterns, with rich tactile and sequential combos.

We take pride in our in-depth expertise and insatiable desire to always develop and progress in harmony with the guys who wear our products. Our commitment to this skill has resulted in an ever-growing number of devoted customers.